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Letterhead Nights of Columbus War Services

April 21, 1945
St. George N.B.

Dear Mother
I received your parcel yesterday the watch was not damage.

I wrote to tom last week but I never had a answer from him yet, did you have a letter from Margueret lately. I expect my teeth the first of the week, I had a pair but they hurt me so they had to make a new pair, they were realy a good pair. I got the last Northern Lights you sent but I did not get last weeks. We can get a short week-end every two
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weeks but I have not taken any yet I was going to go to the States for a trip but I never got away. Before I go to write a letter I can think of lots to write but when I come to write I cant think of anything.

Good Bye
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Post Mark Utopia P.O. 707 N.B. am April 23, 1945

Addressed to Mrs. P.J Hennessy
West Bathurst

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