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Canada Legion War Services Letterhead

December 24, 1941

Dear Bee. Just another letter to say I am well. This is Xmas Eve.It is just as mild as June tonight it does not seem like Xmas at all. We never had any frost at all yet. The wind was cold, that's all.

The boys are feeling jolly. They are at the canteen. It is now 10 oclock pm. It has been dark since five pm. We got the turkeys all ready for dinner tomorrow. We have no midnight mass on account of black out. But Fr.Gillis is having mass at Beaufort Castle.We will be there although we have a terrible long way to go. The mass is at 8:30 am. Say Bee, I hope

- 2 -

the children will be enjoying themselves with Santa Claus. Say it is a bit lonely to be here at this season. I am all alone now. All the boys are in the canteen. I have a lovely little kitchen. It is painted a pea green. I will try and get a picture of the inside of it to send you. Oh yes, Mr. Allen is well. Oh yes, I got Anna's radiograph letters, also one from Gus Boudreau. Tell Anna the fellow in the snap is a Gunning fellow from Ayr, Scotland. He works at the Dr. Cossar Farm near Fredericton.

- 3 -

The other fellow is Hugh Seeley from Canobie, NB. The fellow with the water pail is Gunning.

Say have you much snow and did James get work yet at the mill?

I had a letter and 2 nice cards from Sister Nathalie last week. Say Bee I seem now to get your letters, only I haven't got Bobby's letters yet with the snaps of the scouts. Send one of the snaps of the children, they one they had taken when I was last home of Roger, Lucy, Anna, James, Bruno, Bobby.

Well I just say Cheerio

PS I had a letter from Eileen this week. How is Patty Ann? Did she get the doll I sent her for Xmas?

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