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May 7, 1941

Dear Bee. Hear I am in Edinburgh today. This is just lovely. We were up to the castle and all through it. I am sending a set of news. I was in all those places. One pais a guide 6 pence and he takes you around and explains it all to you. Well you can't amagon how lovely

- 2 -

it is every one is afly nice here. Ah Bee, no one can commence to explain the grander of this city. Well the nice things that are in the stores ah the furniture is cheap here, nice parlor suits and chairs. Well all the buildings are of stone, they are 3, 4 story hight. Well the flowers are in bloom now. Just like yours only I don't see any peonies roses ah the apple rose is afel nice. It is a cureose color

- 3 -

and the hedges of all kinds of hedge trees they run for miles. Ah yes, the Firth Bridge is a grand site. we came over it coming into Edenburgh. Ah I wish you and the girls and the boys could come and see. I will have a lot to tell when I get home. Ah here in Edenburgh thair are street cars and buses. The street cars are two decker and ah boy, if they ever go fast.

- 4 -

Bee this is a good place for bees. They get their honey from the lime tree. We are getting some here. The lawns are green.

Bee you get Mrs. Haggardys adress and send it to me. I will be going that way and I might find her. Get the adress from Pat OKane. Well I like it here in Scotland. The trains are small the cars that is freight cars only, are 10 tons cars and the coaches are all barred off in compartments

- 5 -

of 6 people to a compartment and the tle (?) is one the side and the doors are on the side you step of the car on the platform. Say how is Bobby and Bruno Tom. Hope they do thair work. Well did the boys get thair Boy Scouts suits. Did they get the milk rappers I sent from PQ? Did you get the wire I sent you with a lettet from Mrs. Frazer. You answer it. They are lovely

- 6 -

people. They have two lovely boys. One 10, 14 years old. Bobby wants to wright to them. Whenever we go there we always get a sip of tea they call it. We are staying at a lovely hotel 3 shillings per day for soldiers. We will be here for a day or two. Wiell I was in to see the art gallarry today. Oh, what paintings are thair. Thair is some nice paintings from Poland.

- 7 -

Too bad Roger couldn't see them. Say Bee I could go on telling for a year. But I will keep it and I will have more to tell when I get home again. Jery was here last night. But he did not do any damage. Well Bee, I guess I will say By By for now. Answer soon. Yors. Love to all. How are the girls.


- 8 -

I see some fine linen, fancy pieces here. I wish I could send some but can't now. When ever I can I will send some. I will get a leave again in 3 months.

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