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Sept. 11/43

R201688 Hennessy J A.
W1. S2. E. 166

Dear Mother:

I got your letter yesterday but I didn't answer it last night because I had an exam coming up this morning and I wanted to study for it. It wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. It dealt mostly with forms and publications of the airforce. Things that had to be signed and filled out before and after flights etc.
The next two weeks will be our last of our training on this station. My final exam comes up two weeks from this next Monday.
You should see me in the planes. I have already started and run the engines up outside about ten or fifteen times. It certainly gives a person a thrill. I can just imagine what it would be like to realy pilot one.
We had a big anual sports day on wednesday of this week. It lasted

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all day and about half past four three planes (Harvards) from Finigal came over and put on an exhibition. Half of the people were almost scared silly. One fellow flew upside down around the station at about a height of seventy five feet.
I still have no idea where I will be posted from here. Francis and I have definitely decided to get married up here in Montreal on my furlough if I get it. Her address is Francis Garrett
5610 Decelles St.
Apt. 6 Montreal
Will you get my birth certificate and confirmation certificate and sent them to her. Also give her your maiden name and Papas name too (full name). We will be called at the West Bathurst church a couple of Sundays from this one, the priest up her will attend to that. Don't forget because she has to have them

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by next wednesday.
Its too bad your having such a hard time getting the hay in this year. I thought that you had sold it standing.
Its hard to get any help up here either. During the summer and fall the boys from this and other stations hire out to the farmers on their forty-eights and make quite a bit of money by doing so.
Well I guess this is about all for now, so answer soon. An airmail letter takes only a day to get here, because I remember one you sent was posted on the eighteenth and I got it the next night.
I got a letter from Papa yesterday, he didn't have much to say, except that he wrote twice since Christmas but I didn't get either of them.


CANADIAN Y.M.C.A. logo on left of envelope
Middle is the post park KIBDIB /seo 11 11:30 PM 1943 CANADA
One four cent stamp

Mrs. P.J. Hennessy
West Bathurst
New Brunswick

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