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February 12/43

Dear Mother:

I received your letter tonight. It was a nice valentine. I was down town last night after school and I couldn't get one. Eatons was closed then. A person cant even get a box of chocolates down here now. There all sold, I don't know why. A clerk in one store said they had sold their allotment, and couldn't get any more.

The place is terribly quiet down here. There are an awful lot of people but there doesn't seem to be anything to do. There is another hostel opening down here. Its being opened by some Jews.

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They only have one here now and its nearly always crowded, mostly by the English airmen.

A lot of our class is out in the hospital at no *. Last week three of them had the mumps and three others with the flu. I can't remember whether I have ever had the mumps or not anyway I hope not for one of the fellows with them was working alongside of me. Anyone with them are detained in the hospital from 15 to 20 days and are set back six weeks in their course.

Two of the fellows in our class failed on their exams

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and have been sent up to Toronto on General Duties.

I made ninety on my last exam and was
I ever surprised. I didn't think I would make a pass mark, but as it was I had most of the answers right. It was realy a hard exam. Seven of the fellows had marks ranging from 30 to 42 and they were told that if they failed in one more exam they would not be allowed to finish their course. We have only one more exam in this class. Later next week we will be going in the engine room.

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It is a lot easier in there. That is there isn't so much work to do but there is a lot more studying to be done.

The weather has been very fine down here up until the last two days when it was raining. There is hardly any snow left. The streets are all bare. When are some of you coming down for I still don't know when I will be going up. I think the best time to take my forty eight, when I am leaving the engine room, then I would have from Friday until Monday night. I may go up some weekend though, whenever the fancy strikes

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me. I saw in the paper where Angus Gould came down here but I haven't seen him yet. All of the fellows in the night class and the engine room and a few of us have our uniforms. The others are going to get them Monday.

Is Eileen still home. I kind of expected a letter from her.

The fellows in the night class are leaving next Friday and are going to St. Thomas in Toronto. They expect to be sent overseas shortly after they are through there which they will be in about a month or two.

Love to all

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