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July 16/44

Dear Mom:

I just forget when I received your last letter but I have written you a couple of times since that. Mail has been held up and comes in bunches, with sometimes three weeks in between. The day before yesterday I got two letters from Frances and she was telling me about postponing her trip with Mrs. Nagley to the States. Perhaps she may go later. Im surprised that she isn't lonesome up there at least she doesn't pretend to be in her letters. I've had quite a few parcels from you. The last one was mailed around the first of May and contained a lot of papers. I got the can of stuff too. Im at a different place but my address is still the same one. A few days ago I got a letter from one of the fellows who was in Moncton and St. Thomas with me. He is over here now. I expect to run into him on my next thirty six. That is the longest time we are allowed off the station and at the present time we can't even get them. There still is no word when our leaves will be starting again but its bound to soon. The fellows are getting pretty well fed up with things as they stand now. Papa still writes often but he never has very much to say. Do you get much mail from him. His mail is very scarce. Frances doesn't know his address so will you send it to her. I forgot about it in my last letter to her. He was telling me that there will soon be another addition to the family tree. I bet Sydneys having a nervous breakdown. Lucy wrote me several letters already. Im going to answer her last one tonight. Anna hasn't written lately. In your next parcel will you send me a pair of socks and some light summer underwear, shorts only. I have got quite a few cigs now so I don't need to worry about them anymore now that they are coming through. My new barracks are quite nice. They used to be a big mansion. I'm sharing a room with three other fellows and we are very comfortable here. The food isn't bad but it is very monotonous having the same thing so often. Fried food seems the costom over here. I don't believe they even know that water can boil anything but tea. I drink more tea here in a month than I would at home in a year. I can't seem to find anything else to write about. So long for this time. did you get my photos. Love to all Bunny.


R201688 Hennessy J.A.

Mrs. P.J. Hennessy
West Bathurst
New Brusnwick


3D postage British stamp

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