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October 3, 1941

1941 10 03 1 Papa to Nanny

( May be a page missing; not sure but usually he starts with Bee’s name.)

fall is coming fast the days are getting shorter we have fine days a little cool at nights Well we havent got any mail for some time thair was a lot lost not long ago and I supose mine was with the missing. The only thing is to keep wrighting have yous got your wood for the winter yet who did you get it from say we use wood and coal welll Bee Mr Campbell the minster from town is here he was to see me the other day I did not know him he said who he was and was glade to see me he said we expect some of the Boys from the North shore to come and visting some day soon I saw father Hickey when I was in London he likes it grate over here. I have a cross. One of Cardinal Hinsley's. I will send it for Roger to ware. A Lady gave me two in Edenbourgh. He must wair it at all times tell him

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I hope he will never have to come over here thair was a air man here to day from Attoway. He just arrived 2 months ago I did not know him well Bee did you answer Mrs Fraisers letter yet they were looking for a answer I haven't been to see them for 2 weeks the daylight is short now and dark comes early so I don't go out much now. I sent you a Picture of the Linland hills and heather from Inverness let me know if you get it well the Hazel nuts ar thick here also the Beech nuts. Say how is the potatoes and the oats this fall how is the apples we never see one over here at all the last letter I got from lucy was No 10. I gess all the best after that was sent so good by love


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