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Letterhead YMCA On Active Service

September 14, 1941

Some whair in Scotland

Dear Bee

Just a line to say I am well. I been on my Leave to london and back again I did not see the Boys they had moved out some place. I saw the N.S. D company Harry Hachy that is Ben Hachys Boy I was not speaken to him I saw him at church prade and after when I called to see him he was gone out to Dinner. But I saw quite a few of the boys I saw Bruno Branch Cecil Black Harold Cristy.

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They all seemed happy and was surpised to see me I was around london quite a bit.
A guide took us from 1 oclock until 530 we saw every thing that was worth seen. London is a fine place just another big city crowded with people some lovelys tores the gardens arnt so nice as Edenbough I called at Ednebough on my way back the gardens now are lovely and so well kept the flowers are marvelous. The people are nicer in Scotland than in London. I find them so well england is afl flat Except to the west it is more like home so the tell me

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I did not go to sterling this time I did not go for a reson I will go later. We cant go to Ireland yet. Of corse some some who have friends can go I wrote to Mrs Haggarty but the letter came back. I did not go to Manchester at all Say Bee haow is the Harvest this fall I supose your garden is good How is your summer savary I wish you would send me a little bit We never get any at all. Well Bee I sent you some little things from down on leave and I hope you got them safel. Did you get the yarn I sent on May 15th Well I had a letter from Mike and Maggy also Nora said you had a good trip

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Up cuntry hope yous enjoyed your selves How is Bobby. Eddy otool gave me a snap of the baby with Mrs otool holding it the baby is cute dear little sole she must be cute is she. Eddy is fine but lonesome by times he is a snap of the Fraiser Family also snaps of the cook hous staff I must say good by love to all


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Examiner 2341
North Atlantic Air Way

Mrs. P.J. Hennessy
West Bathurst, NB

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