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On Active Service with the Canadian Forces

England. June 18, 1941

Dear Anna

Just a line to let you know that I received your letter and was as ever glad to hear from you. Well Anna dear I just don't remember how many letters I got from you so far. The last one was dated May 19. but I got it about a week ago. So it got here in pretty good time. Well Anna dear every thing is going fine over here Elb & I are together and we put in a claim for Xays so we will all be together soon I hope this is a great Bty I am in now there all from B.C. and we are in a great place there lots of girls but I don't like the women over here. As you know silk stockings are scarce over here so some of the girls paint there legs and put the stripe down the back but some of them don't get the stripes very straight. I am going to pick one up some night and see how far they paint up. A great idea don't you think eh kid

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Well Anna dear I am going on leave the last of the month to Scotland that's a fine place. Wish you were coming with me Well Anna I get letters from Josie often she sent me 3.00 cigs. Was I ever glad to get them I never got yours yet. By the way how is the little sailor fine I hope you never even spoke of him in your letter but Lucy told me all about him. I bet Rogers is proud of his baby. But wait till you see mine thats if you don't mind waiting. Well Anna news is scarce around here and I got some washing to do so I guess I'll have to say good bye for this time. Hoping this finds you all well and in the best of health love and kisses to all your loving cousin Ed.

Gnr. Hennessy E
16 Bty R.C.A
3rd Light A.A. Regt
Cdn Army Overseas

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