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Paster Rock. R.Rs
New Brunswick
Thursday, 27th. Feb '47.

My Dear Pat,

I was so glad to hear from you again, but awful sorry to hear that you have been sick for so long. I do hope that they will be able to do something for you and that you will be home again soon.
The two children are just great, the baby is so good, not the least bit of bother, Eileen just loves her and is really a great help to me. The baby knows her so well and just loves to have Eileen talk to her. As you know we called the

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baby Linda Yanzer, Bob's mother's name is Yanzer is she is some proud that the baby has her name. You asked me who she is like Pat, well that is kind of hard to say, she is a cute little thing and sometimes she looks like Eileen did as a baby and sometimes she doesn't. Mrs. Henry says that she is just the image of Doris and swears that she gets more like her every day. Doris is home now, out of the Navy and working at the Admirality in London, that's where our home is you you know. She plans to come to Canada for a visit just

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as soon as she has saved enough money which will be pretty soon, I hope. All the family here are fine and send their best regards and wishes. Mr. Henry, Bunny, Davie & Bob have been cutting wood this winter, they got a nice bunch too. Did you know about the farm that Dannie and Bob have bought, it's a little way down the road, they bought it last Fall for 6,000 dollars complete with house, crop and all farm equipment, it's a lovely farm, and they also got a

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brand new Farmall tractor, so they are all set for farming to start, Bob runs the tractor, and he is just dying for the snow to go so that he can get going on it. Bob and I are going to have the house and we plan to move down some time next month. We have been living by ourselves since last August, but it is just in a little house across the road from Bunny and Lorie, it isn't much to look at but I managed to make it nice and comfortable inside and we managed well this winter. Eileen says to tell Uncle Pat

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to come and see us this summer, we do hope that you can manage a visit Pat, we would all like to see you again very much and a little change would probably do you good. That was a shame about Eddie O'Toole's baby, I imagine that they did feel bad about it.
Arthur Neal is working into Plaster Rock, he drives truck all summer for the Road company and he has been on the plow all winter, he has to pass the house when he is out on the plow and he is very often in for a cup of tea and a

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Bunny is just as carefree as ever and goes along in the same old way. The boys are just fine, Donnie lives with his Mother and Father, we all live right near each other so have plenty of company.
Well Pat, I guess this is all for now, I sincerely hope that you will be well again soon and that we will be seeing you. S'long for now.
Lots of Luck and Best Wishes
Your friends
Bob, Mary, Eileen, Linda and all the rest of the Henrys.

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